Carlotta’s Legacy by Betty Thomason Owens

My friend, Betty’s new book.

Inspired Prompt

Betty Thomason OwensToday we welcome Writing Prompts crew member, Betty Owens to discuss her latest release, Carlotta’s Legacy.

Hi Betty! How long have you been writing?

Betty : I started writing in the early eighties when my three young sons were keeping me so busy, I needed an artistic outlet. I tried various forms of stitchery projects, which included quilting. Someone sat on a needle, so I had to quit. After some soul-searching, writing seemed to fit the bill. Definitely something I could do from my “happy place.”

I became a serious writer in the early two-thousands. (I started to say, in the early “aughts”, which should actually be called the “oughts”, or “after the turn of the century,” but wow–those terms really age one, don’t they?)

Why did you choose to write in your particular field or genre?

Betty: I started out writing westerns, all of which reside permanently in…

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