pencil picHello! Jennifer here. Welcome to my writing world. Join me as I draw from over forty years of life experiences in Alabama to create blog posts, articles, short stories, compilation writing, and novels. Seeing my first novel in print is still a dream, but one day I will publish and you’ll be the first to know.

On my blog page, Small Acts of Kindness, I’ll share stories from family, friends, and people around the world who’ve made someone’s day a little brighter. My friend, Ellen Andersen, will join us once a month with stories that touch her heart. Come back every Monday for a new story. Make sure you check out My Books page to find out what I have to offer and where you can purchase them.

While you’re here, taking a look around my website. There’s iced tea in the frig and homemade tea cakes in the cookie jar. Speaking of food, I have a page dedicated to dairy-free recipes. My milk allergy has made life more interesting, but I’ve learned to live with food sensitivities, one day at a time.sweet tea

Also don’t miss the Most Important Thing. My relationships are crucial to my writing and life, with God, family, and all my friends, including you. You can learn more about me and my family from the About Me and Photos pages.

On my news page, I’ll keep you notified about any future releases or any other updates that are writing-related. Of course, you can contact me to chat.

Thanks again for dropping by! Don’t be a stranger. As we say in the South, “Y’all come back real soon!”

 IMG_6339-full res.- too soft

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